Ski Bike Challenge


Sharing space at the Phoenix Asylum with other makers, sometimes means a challenge gets issued. Here is my answer for the Ski Bike Challenge. Using an aluminum folding bike frame, salvaged from a 1990’s era electric bike, I came up with this. (2015) With spring suspension for both front and back skis, and a spring… Read more »

Retro Audio Cassette Lamps


Inspired by a group in Poland that was making cube shaped cassette lamps, I decided to put my old tape collection to use. (2014) These two have bases made from salvaged auto parts. One sold at a local event, the other sold online to someone at Spotify. I thought that was appropriate. I made a… Read more »

3D glass paintings


I wanted to play with the 3D effect I used in the Circus of Fear Haunt, but in a totally different way. This time I used solvents and stencils on glass with fluorescent spray paint, to get the variety of effects you see. Painting on one side then turning the glass over and adding elements… Read more »

Spool Table


I created this coffee table out of a vintage cable spool that I salvaged. The glass and wheels were also resourced.  

Meditation Stools


I made a bunch of these meditation stools as a side job for an associate who was selling them online.   Then I made this original folding design as a gift for my wife.

Chain Wheel Table 1


I was commissioned to create an end table as a gift for a local cyclist. I put this together in just a few days and they loved it.           

Circus of Fear 3d


      The Circus of Fear 3D has been scaring locals since 2010. Started by Rob Hodges in a back yard in south Boulder, the circus has grown to fill 4000 sq-ft of blacklight insanity. Designed to take advantage of chromovision 3d glasses in mind bending ways. The Circus of Fear 3D  primarily uses… Read more »

Lookalike recover


This classic chair design was totally worn out and headed for the dump, until I recovered it with corduroy patchwork and repaired the rocking mechanism.

Custom Kitchen Trailer


After using a little flat bed trailer to haul my camping gear in boxes for awhile, I decided it would be fun to go ahead and build everything right onto the trailer. I added a stainless steel table with a fitted top, fold out boxes up front, and a custom table that snaps on the… Read more »

The Yurpee

yurpee 4

  The Yurpee was constructed of almost entirely up-cycled materials. Named for the combination of Yurt style roof set on straight Teepee style legs; it is 17ft in diameter and 10ft high at the center. The Yurpee is exceptionally stable and can support more than 150 lbs hanging from the interior structure, it has provided… Read more »

Found Wood tables


These two tables were made from scrap wood recovered after a hurricane in Florida. I have used them in my home for years.

Up-cycle Bicycle Bench

009 (800x599)

            The Up-cycled Bench was shown at the Dairy Center for the Arts, Bicycle Art show in 2013. It was later sold on commission from a local store. Maybe one day I will see it again?

Redwood Wheel Chair


This is the first chair I made with bicycle wheels. The wood was up-cycled from used 2×12 lumber. It was sold on commission at a local store, I wonder where it is now?

Chain Wheel Coffee Table


I used some metal shelving from ReSource and chain wheels from Community Cycles to create this coffee table for bicycle lovers. It was sold on commission at a local store. I wonder who has it now?            

Antique molding


When you have a hundred year old house, it can be hard to replace little parts. I recreated ten base board pieces to replace some hand made antiques for a home in downtown Denver. It required digging for a unique router bit, then finishing the shape off by hand in order to match the original…. Read more »

Rental Home Remodeling and Repairs


Owning a rental property is a great opportunity for a maker like me to capitalize on my natural skills by doing most of the maintenance and repairs myself.  Here are just a few pics of the last time I repainted one of the kitchens, and did some roof repairs.            … Read more »

The Eye of Solaris

eyein action

The Eye Of Solaris was an art installation for the Apogaea festival in 2013. The theme was Alchemy. Using sunlight and water to start a fire seemed like an appropriate thing to do. Inspired by YouTube videos of similar experiments I used an 8×8 piece of clear vinyl and about 30 gallons of water to… Read more »