Multiverse is me, making things, out of other things. A simple idea with unpredictable results. I am a free lance artist and maker, with a previous life in business and accounting. I follow my creativity where it leads and the results are here for you to see.

The short version of my life: I was born in a Florida beach town and I grew up traveling around the world with my Navy family. I graduated from high school on the island of Guam. After attending three colleges, I earned a technical degree in chemical analysis. I got married and we spent a couple of years, guiding white water rafts in the summer and selling ski lift tickets in the winter. Then we settled in Florida, bought a house and I got a job in retail grocery. That led to purchasing, book keeping, then store accounting. We moved to Colorado and I made the jump from retail accounting to wholesale. After working for a few small companies in Boulder the time was right for me to begin my own adventure! In addition to the work I do here I have a recently started selling a camping product of my own invention. The Sleep In Shade Wall is a heat reflective cover for dome tents.