3D glass paintings

I wanted to play with the 3D effect I used in the Circus of Fear Haunt, but in a totally different way. This time I used solvents and stencils on glass with fluorescent spray paint, to get the variety of effects you see. Painting on one side then turning the glass over and adding elements to the front with gel ink. Like the 3D murals I created for the haunted house, these are all designed to pop out with black-light and Chromovision glasses. Sizes range from 5″x6″ up to 13″x56″ (2014)

IMG_20140307_174731 1398550834539 1404947665381 IMG_20140503_163419 IMG_20140503_163756 IMG_20131206_221351 IMG_20140503_163442 IMG_20140503_163637 IMG_20140503_164220 IMG_20140503_164842 IMG_20140503_164116 IMG_20140503_163723 IMG_20140503_164825 IMG_20131229_154902 1404951389717 IMG_20140503_164142

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