Custom Kitchen Trailer

103After using a little flat bed trailer to haul my camping gear in boxes for awhile, I decided it would be fun to go ahead and build everything right onto the trailer. I added a stainless steel table with a fitted top, fold out boxes up front, and a custom table that snaps on the back. Then I wrapped it all with resourced aluminum. Under the lid it has a 12v power system that runs a water pump, lighting, USB chargers and a small AC inverter. It has an RV faucet with a built in switch to activate the water pump, a recessed stainless sink and counter, and a gas oven with two brass burners. The battery system is charged with a 70watt solar panel on a 20ft extension cord, for easy placement when camping in the shade. The keg carries 15 gallons of water behind the 40lb propane tank, the canopy is 10ftx18ft, and all the poles fit into the tube behind the license plate. Using this little kitchen is like having all the convenience of an RV without having to climb into a stuffy box. It is also ideal for separating ones sleeping area from the cooking area, a necessity when you’re sharing the woods with bears, like we do in Colorado. It is balanced and can be pushed around pretty easily, so I usually just park the car and roll it into place by hand.

IMG_20140526_154323 IMG_20140526_154112

IMG_20130528_193406 IMG_20140526_154150 IMG_20140526_154143

You can see the red frame that I started with in this last picture. It was just a flat 4x4ft square. Since I added the table on top of the wheel covers, I made sure to upgrade them with extra bolts and heavy welding.