Circus of Fear 3d

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The Circus of Fear 3D has been scaring locals since 2010. Started by Rob Hodges in a back yard in south Boulder, the circus has grown to fill 4000 sq-ft of blacklight insanity. Designed to take advantage of chromovision 3d glasses in mind bending ways. The Circus of Fear 3D  primarily uses lighting, sound, and other disorienting effects to scare visitors rather than over relying on gore and violence. All props and art are either hand crafted originals or supped up, hyper modified products. Nothing came off the shelf without going through the shop for “improvement”.


corpse building

Here I am adding layers of “flesh” to one of the props.



The Circus of Fear has been at a different location each October and made an abbreviated appearance, inside the 2012 Denver county fair. In 2014 The Circus teamed up with a second local haunt to provide a haunted Midway attraction.

tent highIMG_20120811_215514